B2B ORGANIC Growth Hacks through LinkedIn

Create your own group

The key is to stay active on LinkedIn; post regularly, engage on outside content, and be a part of popular groups. But no one talks about creating your own group…!!! Well, it works wonders! The very first step for this to achieve is to make your company page matter. Note that, this goes for all social media platforms! Your company’s presence is important. And it can be made by posting high quality content, posting images and videos, using HD graphics, employing out-of-the box ideas and much more. Attract the audience to your page. The more you are getting noticed, the more LinkedIn favors for your better reach. Creating your own group and driving audience’s attention will eventually redirect the audience towards your main page.

Make your *All-Star Team*

Social media presence and engagement starts in-house. Give your team a chance to become a part of your goal. Encourage them to share your content, and support them for making personalized content. This will redirect the traffic to your main business page. The research says that 66% of the people when asked narrated that they want to see the company’s culture on the page. Therefore, this is the time to use this opportunity. Promote the culture of your workplace to the audience. Make them feel how good it would be for them to work for your company.

Adding more human faces to the company page is always a “not to miss” factor. It instantaneously gives a “human element” to the company, what people want to see. Post the company employees pictures, random, professional, capture moments and let the world see them and endorse your company’s friendly work environment.

Taking Connections towards Relationships

Start your LinkedIn journey by making connections, and grow that network to building relationships. Interact with them as someone who can solve their problem, or someone who is trust-worthy and reliable to work with.

Post your previous clients’ positive reviews and testimonials on your website and official page. It creates a sense of trust for the one who is going through your page for the first time. It acts as a reference material.

Stay on “Highlight” for your leads

Always stay on your customers’ radar by employing smart methods. Add a value to your services by always offering something extra, free webinars or free trials, send monthly newsletter to their emails, share your company updates, celebrate your employees’ achievements and much more.

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