Project Description

Step2Compliance offers innovative engine-centric emissions compliance tools and services to assist the energy industry with air quality compliance and data management. We provide on-demand services simplifying air quality compliance emissions and related data management processes for stationary engine-driven industries. We provide compliance information for RICE (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines) assets for Owners and Operators who provide a few specifics about an engine.

We refactor old legacy code to core Laravel conventions and to make it mobile responsive too. We use an Agile/Scrum process using JIRA to manage the platform features and we do our weekly team meetings to discuss new features/issues/potential road blockers. We follow the 2-week Sprint for our development goals. This gives us the room to work and change the priorities or planning based on our customer’s needs without any delays or blockers and also help us with fast feature delivery cycles. We do code reviews through PR Requests to maintain code quality.

Technologies Used

  • Front-End
    • Bootstrap
  • Back-End
    • Laravel 5
    • JQuery
    • MYSQL
    • Codeship for CI
    • S3 for images
    • Queues for asynchronous tasks

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