Company Background

This Germany-based company offers products and solutions to enhance user experience in all aspects of digital solutions. EI app is basically the web app for managing companies’ data and automating data extraction from their websites. This system is developed for the internal use of the company.

Technologies Used​

  • Angular 8 (upgraded to Angular 12)
  • Core PHP
  • Laravel Lumen
  • Node JS


The client reached out to Contrive Solutions because they did not have enough in-house IT Professionals to support the rapid development and they needed help in handling the growing support needs, as their business expanded. They were facing difficulty in managing the data of their current clients and future clients. They needed a system to manage data of their current and future client internally and make sure everything provided by client is saved in appropriate way. Some of the services require additional data to be provided by the client. Also they needed to keep tracks of the possible appointment slots and scheduled appointments.

Another major challenge they wanted to streamline was tracking, management of their employees work efficiency and allowing different levels of access to employees. Web panel is designed where employees’ activity is recorded. Employer wanted work transparency so that he could evaluate the performances of each one of his employees.

Another major challenge was clients hunt targeting specific industry.


Contrive Solutions had been handed the task of designing and developing highly functional and intuitive final product, where companies data and employee actions are getting tracked immaculately.

Web App

Company initial data was provided by an external API, which is provided by the client, and the received data is displayed to the employee. After viewing the data and making necessary adjustments, employee can add company to the system on single click or can easily reject the company for adding into the system. An appointment slot is assigned by the employee, if required. Each action of employee is tracked with timestamp. Employer has stats available for each employee to review the performance.


To hunt for the future employees, a set of crawlers was designed. There were three major types of crawlers:

1. Contact Form Crawler

This crawler checks whether provided URL has contact form or not and saves contact form URL. Results of the crawler are reported to API provided by the client. If “contact form crawler” finds the form, then “contact form URL” of website is provided to “Contact Form Automator”.

2. URL Crawler

This crawler checks if provided URL meets the required criteria based upon keywords found, and then extracts the contact information found on the websites. Results of the crawler are reported to API provided by the client.

3. Domain Crawler

This crawler is same as “URL crawler”, but only it is multi user single process. Every user can run single process of this crawler. URL data is fetched from third party API and user decides to run crawler on this domain. Results are saved in database and reported back to third party API depending on user action.

Contact Form Automator:

For the future client hunt, Contact form automator takes contact form URL, found by “Contact Form Crawler”, fills the contact form with data saved in database and submits the form. Many of the contact forms require some kind of captcha to be solved, in order to submit the form. Contact Form Automator solves more than 80% of captchas, including Google Recaptcha V2 and V3.

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